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  Labor and Insurance
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A prerequisite for the success of your business, are the right partners


Account Link Theodoridis I. Panagiotis & Associates in Thessaloniki employs modern techniques of management, monitoring and updating its clients, in order to offer versatile, reliable, prompt accounting and fiscal support to the needs of your business


Do you have any questions regarding our business or your accounting and tax related obligations?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

2310 529108


Online Services

Here we have made it possible for all users to send their requests regarding troubling issues (on tax, accounting, labor, insurance and other matters).

After careful consideration, our expert associates will be able to respond promptly.

Providing the response to your request doesn’t require more specialized attention, it will be sent promptly (within 3 working days), along with suggestions on how to deal with the problem.

If, however, the request requires special attention and a closer examination, we will inform you promptly in order to get further information and to let you know of the processing fee.

If you decide to accept the charge, you will have to give a direct order and make an online payment in advance to an internet bank account, created by our company for this purpose.

Following the deposit of the fee, your request will be processed and you will receive a written response within 3 working days.

In case more time is necessary to process your request, you will be informed promptly by our associates, who will provide a reason for this necessary delay on our part.

Fill in the form to send your request and start the expected procedure.

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Location - Map

Account Link Location - Map
Menandrou 58 Str. Zip 54352 Pylaia
Thessaloniki Greece