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A prerequisite for the success of your business, are the right partners


Account Link Theodoridis I. Panagiotis & Associates in Thessaloniki employs modern techniques of management, monitoring and updating its clients, in order to offer versatile, reliable, prompt accounting and fiscal support to the needs of your business


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Limited and Limited Liability Companies

The ever-increasing needs of the accounting department in Limited, as well as Limited Liability Companies, such as the need for analytical accounting records, bookkeeping of storage units, records of production – costing and technical specifications, the editing and publication of the financial statements according to the Greek or International Accounting Standards, demand a level of knowledge, experience, consistency and reliability.

Therefore, we acknowledge the need to fully adapt the business’ running to the current laws and regulations, in order to be able to obtain accurate information, as well as avoid economic sanctions by the fiscal authority during a regular or a random tax audit.

Our knowledge and 25-year-experience, as well as our focus on the support of legal entities, has helped us establish the framework necessary to cater for Limited and Limited Liability Companies, beyond the conventional obligations that an Accounting office might have. Our commitment to be constantly updated on frequent legislation changes, to make the most of modern technology, to be able to address your needs promptly, as well as our conviction that every business is unique, have rendered our company a reliable business associate.

In order to fully address the needs of a Limited or a Limited Liability Company, our office can provide you with:

  • Accounting and Tax Services
    • Organization of Storage Units (specifications, production stages, arrangement of goods)
    • Costing
    • Audit and agreement of business management – general accounting (storage unit, purchases, sales, securities)
    • Implementation of internal audit systems
    • Costing of imports
    • Organization of general and sectoral accounting plans
    • Organization of Analytic Accounting
    • Proper implementation of accounting principles and standards
    • Implementation of budget control systems (cash flow)
    • Audit and updating of the bookkeeping process according to current regulations
    • Monthly budget – calculation of the taxable income
    • Preparation and signing off of financial statements at any level of turnover, according to Greek or International Accounting Standards
    • Balance Analysis using Indexes
    • Preparation, signing off and online submission of all tax statements
    • Preparation, calculation and submission of the Large Property Tax
    • Preparation and submission of the Statement for Real Estate Value Readjustment
    • Electronic filing of all statements and documents
    • Precautionary tax audit of all taxable matters of the business
    • Competent handling during audits
    • Preparation and submission of appeals in cooperation with our experienced legal consultants
  • Payroll services – Labor issues
    • Utilization of subsidies for new job positions
    • Evaluation of candidates, as well as existing employees, using scientifically accepted procedures
    • Accurate calculation of the cost of newly hired employees, according to current collective labor agreements
    • Fulfillment of the businesses’ obligations that are the result of hiring and dismissing staff, retirement, leave, overtime, part-time employment agreements and fixed-term contracts
    • Utilization of up-to-date payroll software which can make the most of modern technology, in order to ensure an accurate calculation (for common businesses, as well as businesses dealing with construction work), the allocation of cost centers, the online submission of the Analytical Periodic Report , as well as the ability to gather information that may prove useful to the business
    • Dealing with labor disputes in cooperation with our experienced legal consultants – experts in labor law and representation in the relevant authorities, when necessary
  • Computerization – Electronic data processing
    • Choosing the right computer hardware (computers and peripherals)
    • Choosing the software that is most suitable for each business
    • Collaboration with well-known software production companies  for businesses and accounting offices
    • Application customization
    • Codification of storage units – Clients – Suppliers – Securities – Production
    • Preparation of vouchers for Sales and Purchases
    • Implementation of a Uniform General Accounting Plan in General and Analytical Accounting
    • Update on the General and Analytical Accounting by the Business Management
    • Assessment of the smooth running of the customization
    • Training the staff in using the software, including Microsoft software (Word, Excel)
    • Non-stop cooperation and prompt management of eventual problems or the new framework that may be established
  • Expertise on Commercial Law issues for Legal Persons
    • Establishment of Limited and Limited Liability Companies
    • Conversion, merger, acquisition and division procedures, according to current development laws and incentives
    • Expert reports, buyout and evaluation of businesses
    • Capital increase – decrease
    • Transference of shares and holdings
    • Codification of statutes
    • Dissolutions – liquidations
    • General Assembly and Board of Directors proceedings
    • Publication of Balance sheets and notes of the financial statement

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