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A prerequisite for the success of your business, are the right partners


Account Link Theodoridis I. Panagiotis & Associates in Thessaloniki employs modern techniques of management, monitoring and updating its clients, in order to offer versatile, reliable, prompt accounting and fiscal support to the needs of your business


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Setting up a Business

Choosing the appropriate legal form is an important decision that the businessman must take when deciding to set up their business. In this process, they have to work together with a legal, as well as a tax consultant. The questions that need to be answered call for a level of experience and familiarity with the current legal provisions, in order to take the right decision.

During this stage, our office will work together with your legal consultant or with our company’s expert legal associates if necessary. After a careful evaluation of your needs and an assessment of all the existing legal forms, we will make the most of the current subsidies and subvention programs available, as well as the current development laws and regulations, in order to suggest the most suitable option for you.

In order to ensure the launch of your business, our office can carry out:

  • The establishment of all legal forms of businesses
    • Limited Companies
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Private Capital Companies (ΙΚΕ)
    • General Partnership Companies
    • Limited Partnership Companies
    • Consortiums
    • Private Companies
    • The entire procedure until the registration of the business in the registry office of the relevant Public Fiscal Service , the acquisition of a Tax Registration Number , and the attestation of books and records
    • The conversion of all types of businesses to any legal form
    • The merger of a business into an Ltd or LLC, making the most of the current development laws and regulations, as well as the existing tax incentives

While setting up the accounting department of your business, our office can carry out:

  • The computerization process
    • By choosing the right computers and peripherals
    • By choosing the right software and the customization necessary to adjust them to your needs
  •  The process of staffing the accounting department
    • By choosing the right workforce
    • By providing the workforce with continuous training and support and ensure maximum performance for the business

Last but not least, our office can ensure the smooth running of your business:

We can make sure that the process of bookkeeping is carried out properly and on time.

  • We take care of the labor and payroll obligations of your business with accuracy, while at the same time, our excellent collaboration with the staff can ensure the smooth running of the business
  • We submit all the tax statements of the business electronically
  • We are always in contact with the accounting department of the business in order to deal with tax related, data processing and other issues that may arise and provide solutions promptly
  • We update the owner of the business on its progress every month, thus allowing them to take the right decisions on time
  • We prefigure and pre-estimate the tax surcharge
  • We represent and support the business against any fiscal, judicial or other authority

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