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A prerequisite for the success of your business, are the right partners


Account Link Theodoridis I. Panagiotis & Associates in Thessaloniki employs modern techniques of management, monitoring and updating its clients, in order to offer versatile, reliable, prompt accounting and fiscal support to the needs of your business


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A useful tool in our effort to achieve our goals, the computerization process can ensure immediate updates, it facilitates the smooth running of the business and is the basis of its proper organization, as long as the right software is chosen and implemented in every occasion.

Our 20-year-experience in that sector, among others, allows us to provide the best solution possible, taking into account the unique aspects of every business in order to obtain the desired results.

Computerization – Electronic data processing

  • Choosing the right computer hardware (computers and peripherals)
  • Choosing the software that is most suitable for each business
  • Collaboration with well-known software production companies  for businesses and accounting offices
  • Smooth transition from handwritten to computerized system
  • Application customization
  • Codification of storage units – Clients – Suppliers – Securities – Production
  • Preparation of vouchers for Sales and Purchases
  • Implementation of a Uniform General Accounting Plan in General and Analytical Accounting
  • Update on the General and Analytical Accounting by the Business Management
  • Assessment of the smooth running of the customization
  • Training the staff in using the software, including Microsoft software (Word, Excel)
  • Non-stop cooperation and prompt management of eventual problems or the new framework that may be established

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Account Link Location - Map
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