Limited and Limited Liability Companies

The ever-increasing needs of the accounting department in Limited, as well as Limited Liability Companies, such as the need for analytical accounting records, bookkeeping of storage units, records of production – costing and technical specifications, the editing and publication of the financial statements according to the Greek or International Accounting Standards, demand a level of knowledge, experience, consistency and reliability.

Therefore, we acknowledge the need to fully adapt the business’ running to the current laws and regulations, in order to be able to obtain accurate information, as well as avoid economic sanctions by the fiscal authority during a regular or a random tax audit.

Our knowledge and 25-year-experience, as well as our focus on the support of legal entities, has helped us establish the framework necessary to cater for Limited and Limited Liability Companies, beyond the conventional obligations that an Accounting office might have. Our commitment to be constantly updated on frequent legislation changes, to make the most of modern technology, to be able to address your needs promptly, as well as our conviction that every business is unique, have rendered our company a reliable business associate.

In order to fully address the needs of a Limited or a Limited Liability Company, our office can provide you with: